Struggling with Home Buying Vs Home Upgrades

Physician's Money DigestNovember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 15


Physicians with a little housing moneyin their pockets are often indecisive abouthow to spend it. Should they buy additionalproperties, or spend the money toupgrade their primary residence? Thereare pros and cons to each, and the correctanswer for you depends on yoursituation. According to a article, there is such a thing as overimprovingyour home, especially if you'replanning to sell soon. Although improvementsmake your home look great,upgrades such as swimming pools have ameager payback history. However, if youdon't plan on selling, then you may aswell upgrade as much as you want andcan afford and not worry about gettingthe money back. Buying additional properties,such as a beach house, also comeswith its pros and cons. While convenientand fun, a beach house will sit unused forseveral months out of the year. If you buyanother property with plans to rent it out,you will have a solid source of income butwill also have to endure the trials andtribulations of being a landlord, inaddition to your responsibilities as abusy physician. So be sure to considerall the angles before sinking your moneyinto improving or buying.

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