Protect Your Personal Finances with Software

Physician's Money DigestDecember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 16

Most of you understand the need toprotect your PC from system crashes, viruses,spyware, and online fraud attacks, butdo you have the latest online security toolsto do just that? With identity theft loomingover your computer use, investing in somestrong security software is a matter of personalfinance as well as personal security.New to the market is the Norton System-Works 2006 from Symantec (, which can serve as a firstline of support for diagnosing, repairing,and maintaining your computer's healthand keeping your data safe. It's an all-in-onesuite that ensures you can back upimportant data to prevent the loss ofimportant financial records, irreplaceabledigital photos, and more. The suite alsoprovides virus, worm, and Trojan horse protectionthrough Norton AntiVirus 2006 aswell as Norton GoBack, which restores acomputer to a previous healthy state aftera failed software installation or otherproblem. At an estimated retail price of$69.99, this may be a purchase tech-savvydoctors can't afford to pass up. For an evenbetter deal, current users of Symantecproducts as well as users of competitiveproducts will be able to upgrade to NortonSystemWorks 2006 for $49.99. For moreinformation, visit

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