Branded ATMs Set Their Sights on Visibility

Physician's Money DigestDecember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 16



Running into your local conveniencestore, you realize that you are short oncash for your cup of coffee and newspaper.Then you notice that not only is there anATM in the store, but it's that new bankthat just opened downthe street. Coincidence?Not likely. Ifyou have seen anincreasing number ofbank-operated ATMs inoff-premise locations, it'sbecause major banks suchas PNC, Commerce, and Chasehave struck big deals with gas stationsand retail stores in an effort to offer amore convenient means of banking totheir customers. But according to , some experts also believe thatthis branding tactic is not so much aboutconvenience as it is about cheap advertising.Banks who are looking to drum upmore business can place ATMs around theperimeter of a new branch in hopes ofgaining entry into the new market. In thepast, branded ATMs had more to do withcollecting those additional transaction feesthan providing visibility. Experts say thateven though you may see more and morebank ATMs cropping up in retail outlets,chances are that you will not be orderingnew checks anytime soon.

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