Tips for Saving Gas and Conserving Money

Physician's Money DigestDecember 2005
Volume 12
Issue 16

All of us have felt theaffects of $3.00 pergallon or more gasolineon our wallet. Spendingmore than double of what isconsidered normal, the Associationof Independent ConsumerCredit Counseling Agencies(AICCCA; that consumers need tocarefully plan to make up for the rising prices of gas and oil, no matter what ourincome level. The AICCCA offers the following tips for ways that consumers cancurb their gas spending:

  • Avoid charging gas at the pump. If possible, pay cash; otherwise, pay off yourbalance monthly.
  • Explore alternative options of transportation. Ride-sharing, carpooling, ormass transit may provide better means for getting to work, and consider walkingor riding your bike to run errands.
  • Combine your errands. Going to the grocery store, bank, and dry cleaners allin one trip saves gas and time.
  • Brown bag your lunch. Bringing lunch to work or dining out less often savesmore gas than you think: a 10-minute round trip to a deli or restaurant 5 days aweek saves more than 4 hours of gas per month.
  • Look for the best gas prices. Driving around, though, for the greatest discountcan negate any savings, so keep your eyes open on regularly traveled routes.
  • Consider a gas-friendly vehicle. The difference between filling up an SUV vsa smaller car could be more than $30. If you travel often or commute to work, youcan save a lot of money with a more efficient vehicle.
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