Monica Buonincontri & Brian M. Johnson

Physician's Money DigestMarch 2006
Volume 13
Issue 3

Even the most lavish trip you can imaginecan still have the potential for prudence,so suggests the followingtips to save your pesos, rubles,francs, or whatever on your next excursion:

•If your schedule is flexible, you cansave money by purchasing airline tickets tofly midweek, which is traditionally cheaperthan flying out on weekends.

•Forget about hailing a taxi. It's morecost effective to use other means of localtransportation, such as a bus, subway, ortrolley. Or, if you don't have to travel toofar, try your own feet.

•Avoiding tourist traps, especially inplaces like Europe, will prove to be muchless expensive. Plus, you'll be able to havemore authentic cultural experiences thatwill enhance your trip.

•Keep your spending in check by onlytaking enough cash for what you need, soyou won't spend money frivolously onsuperfluous knickknacks. Also, don't useyour credit card unless absolutely necessary.

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