Financial Ventures Targeted to Minorities

Physician's Money DigestApril 2006
Volume 13
Issue 4





Hispanic Business

Minority-owned management firms arestarting to come on the investment scenein a big way, providing financial opportunitiesand economic education not only forminorities, but for everyone. According toan article in , one suchcompany is Dynasty Financial Group(, the only firmin the greater Washington, DC, area that isminority-owned and focuses on alternativeinvesting. Ray Yzer, founder and chiefexecutive of Dynasty, stated in an interviewwith that traditionallyonly a handful of minorities invest infutures, options, and derivatives markets.The aim of Dynasty is to educate them onthe benefits of alternative investments.Yzer hopes the firm will gain new clientsby holding a series of seminars on alternativeinvestments. For more information,visit the Web sites for the magazine ( and(, which also provide tips andinstruction for minority investors and informationon minority-owned businesses.

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