Physician's Money DigestApril 2006
Volume 13
Issue 4

13%—Percentage of employers inthe private sector who offered early-retireehealth benefits in 2002, downfrom 22% in 1997. (Journal of FinancialPlanning, 2005)

60%—Percentage of Americansaged 75 and older who depend onSocial Security for at least 50% oftheir income. (Journal of FinancialPlanning, 2005)

14,000—Number of FedExground drivers. All are classifiedas independent contractors.(BusinessWeek, 2005)

$250,000—Gross salaryearned by 300 FedEx ground driverswho handle multiple routes.(BusinessWeek, 2005)

5%—Percentage that the UnitedStates consists of the world population.(Bottom Line/Personal, 2005)

400,000—Estimated numberof children under age 18 who areidentity theft victims each year.(Money, 2005)

$9.15—Average weekly allowanceof the typical 9-to 14-year-old.(Nickelodeon and Youth IntelligenceSurvey, 2005)

$36 billion—Amount thatAmericans spend each year on theirpets. (BusinessWeek, 2005)

$300 billion—Amount ofunpaid taxes each year. (Money, 2005)

20%—Percentage more that individualspay in taxes to make up forunpaid taxes each year. (Money, 2005)

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