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Physician's Money DigestMay 2006
Volume 13
Issue 5



The end of the housing bubble in theUnited States has burst the enthusiasm formany physician-investors involved withthe real estate market. According to, overseas real estate is fastbecoming an attractive option for USinvestors because of low prices, diversification,and legal changes that are encouragingthe flow of money into foreign countries.These changes are being enacted topromote the creation of real estate investmenttrusts that will interest numerousinvestors. A physician-investor looking toget involved in overseas housing canchoose from a variety of funds that encompassdifferent regions, such as the Cohen &Steers International Realty fund, whichfocuses on Europe, or the Fidelity InternationalReal Estate fund that concentrateson Asia and Australia. advises that investors should be cautiousof global real estate funds, as they caninclude investments in the United States,which would negate the advantages offoreign real estate investing.

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