Physician's Money DigestMay 2006
Volume 13
Issue 5

78%—Percentage of all prepaidcell phone minutes that go unused.(Money, 2005)

$4072—Current averageamount of debt for a US consumer.(Experian-Gallup poll, 2005)

55%—Percentage growth of spendingon online advertising in the thirdquarter of 2005. (BusinessWeek, 2005)

$1.13 trillion—Total networth of America's 400 wealthiestpeople. (Forbes, 2005)

74%—Percentage of Americanswho say the US economy was strongin 2005. (Avalara, 2005)

72%—Percentage of Americanswho say that the US economy will beeven better in 2006. (Avalara, 2005)

$520 million—Annualrevenue of the online dating industry.(SmartMoney, 2006)

20—Average number of hoursworked by high school students perweek at a rate of $6 per hour.(Money, 2005)

50%—Percentage of electronicspurchases made by women.(BusinessWeek, 2005)

270 million—Cases of winebought in the United States in 2004.(Money, 2006)

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