Hidden Moving Costs Take a Toll on Your Wallet

Physician's Money DigestMay 2006
Volume 13
Issue 5

Moving to a new house is exciting, butthe actual moving part can be a nightmare,both labor-wise and financially. Ifyou hire a moving company there are myriadhidden costs that can make your finalbill for the move astronomical. Even ifyou're a highly successful physician with alarge home, the more stuff you have, themore costs there will be. According toMSN Money, moving costs go way beyondemploying professional movers and rentinga truck. First of all, supplies have to betaken into account, including everythingfrom boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packingpaper, etc. Unless you scour your localstores for free boxes, you'll need to spendover $2 apiece for them—a hefty cost ifyou need around 100 boxes for your move.If you have large items to move, such as apiano or a car, you can expect to pay hundredsof dollars more for their careful transit.If you're moving precious and pricelessitems, such as paintings, antiques, andother family heirlooms, the movers mayrefuse to handle them because they maynot be covered under their insurance. Ifthat's the case, you'll need to purchaseadditional moving insurance or possiblyhire handlers that specialize in movingsuch items. Also, you'll pay significantlymore if you're moving a long distance, ascharges such as gas, lodging, and mealsfor the movers will apply.

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