How to Handle Insurance Non-renewal

Physician's Money DigestAugust 2006
Volume 13
Issue 8


In the wake of 2005's devastating hurricaneseason, insurance companies havecancelled or not renewed insurance policiesin states across the country, includingFlorida, New York, Texas, and Louisiana.Since some experts are predicting that thisyear's hurricane season is shaping up tobe just as bad, there may be more nonrenewalson the way. According to, if you find that your insurancecompany isn't going to be renewing yourpolicy, you need to speak out immediately.Depending on which state you live in, youmay have the right to a hearing, and youcould lodge a complaint with the insurancedepartment. Find the contact informationfor your state's insurance departmentat the Web site for the NationalAssociation of Insurance Commissioners( If your insurance companyreceives numerous complaints, theymay be investigated by the state. Meanwhile,don't panic about the nonrenewal,as you should still have several other insuranceoptions available to you. Check theWeb site to weed out the bestdeal through numerous insurance carriers.It's important that you don't delay in findinga new company, because you'll need tobe prepared for the worst this comingstorm season.

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