Do-It-Yourself Can Lead to Costly Mistakes

Physician's Money DigestAugust 2006
Volume 13
Issue 8

Many physicians, knowing they're goodwith their hands in the medical field, liketo put their hands on their own homeimprovement projects. But even handydoctors make mistakes in their do-it-your-self projects that prove to be very explains several misstepsthat can drive up both the money and timeyou spend on the project. One of thebiggest issues is obtaining the proper permits.While it may seem like a pain to get apermit for every little project, you'll definitelywant to cover yourself and get thejob done right. Also, always be sure youhave the appropriate tools and materialsbefore you start the job. Buying or rentingprofessional tools may be a little moreexpensive, but this investment in equipmentmay save you time in the long runand help you to avoid errors. In addition,be sure to get the proper thickness of drywalland subflooring, and use the correctpaint for each surface (eg, flat paint forceilings, egg shell or satin for most interiorwalls, and semigloss for bathrooms). Makesure you prep every project before you diveinto it, and always live by the old cliché"measure twice, cut once." Finally, neverwork beyond your limits. Sometimes itpays to hire a professional to do the job,rather than spend large amounts of timedoing frustrating work that siphons moneyout of your pocket.

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