Obtain Lower Life Insurance Rates Even Now

Physician's Money Digest, September 2006, Volume 13, Issue 9

Wall Street Journal

If you're a physician who assumes theonly way to get the best deal on basic termlife insurance is to buy a policy whenthey're young and healthy, it may be timeto shop around again. According to arecent article in the ,term life rates have dropped dramaticallyin recent years. Many people with existingterm policies 5 years or older qualify forbetter rates today, unless their health hastaken a sudden turn for the worse sincethe original policy was purchased. Rateshave been dropping because Americansare living longer—serious conditions arenow preventable or treatable. Some insurershave even placed certain health conditions(eg, type 2 diabetes) into betterclasses, offering them better rates. Also, ifyour health has improved—you quit smoking,lost weight, or lowered your bloodpressure—you could possibly obtain a betterrate as well. With the Internet making iteasier to compare quotes, the competitionbetween insurers has skyrocketed, whichmakes shopping around worthwhile.