Improve Your Buyer's First Impression

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 9

Bottom Line Retirement

Word is spreading. The housing marketis cooling. So it's important now more thanever to make that first impression a goodone when a buyer visits your property. Andfor that same reason, it is essential tofocus on the improvements that won'tbreak your bank, but can boost the valueof your home. The obvious, expensiveupgrades you can make would be toremodel your bathroom and kitchen. Butan article in suggestsother more affordable improvementsthat can go a long way. Curb appeal is criticalin today's market. Simple upgradessuch as replacing a doorknob and knocker,painting the front door, and maintainingyour front lawn and flower beds can dramaticallyimprove the curb appeal of yourproperty with little cost to you. For theinterior, removing clutter and repaintingthe walls with light, neutral colors willrejuvenate its appearance and open upsmaller rooms. And because buyers tend tospend most of their time looking down,shampooing your carpets and cleaningyour wood floors could increase chances ofa sale. Or, at a higher cost, refinishingwood floors or installing inexpensive carpetingcould be that extra hook that willcatch your buyer.

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