Keep Up with Changes in Mortgage Deals

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 9

The mortgage game has changed agreat deal and in a short period of time.Bargains and arrangements 2 years ago nolonger carry that same weight in savingstoday. suggests you thinktraditional. The housing market is cooling,so houses are sitting on the market longerand sellers are forced to compromise thesale—a phrase that rarely parted their lipsin the past. Be aware of the changes.Interest rates, while still historically low,have increased and are expected toincrease more. Adjustable rate mortgagesno longer offer enough savings to balancethe future risks. It's also important to considerannual percentage rates (APRs)along with the interest rates. The APR figureincludes points and upfront costs ofthe loan. suggests comparingrates at sites like Because the number of peoplegetting new loans has dropped 20%, takeadvantage of increased competitionbetween lenders.

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