Avoid Getting Swindled in Online Purchasing

Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 9


Shopping and purchasing online hassaved many a doctor the tedium of store-hopping,but sometimes conveniencecomes at a cost. While you may be savingtime finding that perfect item online, it'simportant you dedicate a few of thosespared minutes to learn how to protectyourself. If you like to buy items onlinefrom eBay or similar sites, magazineoffers the following advice to protectagainst scammers:

•Payment prudence. Be sure to usesecure payment systems like PayPal for lessexpensive items and use a legitimateescrow service (eg, www.escrow.com) formore expensive items. Avoid wire transferat all costs.

•Don't deviate. You may receive aresponse to a bid that directs you to dobusiness outside the original site. Neverstray from the site where you originallyfound your item.

•Shop around. Always compareprices of similar items toensure you are not being overcharged.Feedback ratingsare another key method todouble-check the seller'sreliability.

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