Physician's Money DigestSeptember 2006
Volume 13
Issue 9

$2 billion—Amount the USPostal Service is expected to lose infiscal 2006. (Time, 2006)

42 cents—Estimated price ofa first-class stamp if a proposed ratehike takes effect in 2007. (Time, 2006)

20%—Percentage of babyboomers who choose to begin a secondcareer as a teacher or professor.(Merrill Lynch, 2006)

13%—Percentage of babyboomers who choose to begin asecond career as a retail sales clerk.(Merrill Lynch, 2006)

64%—Average percentage risesince 2001 in the amount major bankshave at risk during a trading day.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

47%—Percentage of major investmentbanks' revenue that comes fromtrading. (BusinessWeek, 2006)

$50 million—Estimatedvalue of trips funded by privategroups for members of Congressand their aides from 2000 to 2005.(Time, 2006)

28%—Percentage of cell phonesnow in use that have video capability.(New York Times, 2006)

1%—Percentage of cell phoneusers who watch video on theirphones. (New York Times, 2006)

14%—Percentage of teens whohave met face to face with someonethey had known only through theInternet. (National Center for Missing &Exploited Children, 2006)

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