Physician's Money DigestOctober 2006
Volume 13
Issue 10

$17,316—Total value ofpersonal gifts given to PresidentBush in 2005. (Time, 2006)

$39,722—Total value ofpersonal gifts given to Vice PresidentCheney in 2005. (Time, 2006)

2500—Number of Americanstudents who drop out of high schoolevery day. (US News & World Report, 2006)

84%—Percentage of marriedcouples who say that money causestension in their marriage. (Money, 2006)

$143 billion—Amountapproved by the Senate AppropriationsCommittee in a funding bill for thedepartments of Labor, Health andHuman Services, and Education forthe budget year beginning October 1.(Associated Press, 2006)

$862—Cost per shot from arare $24,150 bottle of JohnnieWalker whisky. (Journal of FinancialPlanning, 2006)

43%—Percentage of collegegraduates with college debt whoused a credit card to pay tuition.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

37%—Percentage of collegegraduates who say education-relateddebt contributed to depression.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

13%—Percentage of Americanmen aged 30 to 55 who are notworking. (New York Times, 2006)

60 billion—Number ofe-mails that are sent per day in theworld. (Entrepreneur, 2006)

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