Thoughtfully Instill an Interest in Investing

Physician's Money DigestJanuary 2007
Volume 14
Issue 1

If you're a busy physician looking for acreative gift to match a recipient's passionswithout choosing the size, color, or batteries,OneShare (888-777-6919; has that covered. Gift-givers canpurchase one official stock of a popularbusiness, choosing from 130 public companieslike eBay,Tiffany & Co, and Disney. Eachindividual stock is available in a variety offraming choices and engraved personalizedplaques for any occasion. As with any stockpurchase, share owners benefit from shareholderprivileges, dividends, annual reports,and the occasional extra—shareholder giftsor promotions. Owning one share of stockmay encourage future investing and offers acommemorative tribute to a favorite company.OneShare therefore provides not onlya thoughtful gift but also a unique investmentappropriate for your Disney-lovinggrandchildren or for your hard-to-buy-forHarley-riding brother-in-law.

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