READING ROOM: Getting Started in a Financially Secure Retirement

Physician's Money DigestJune 2007
Volume 14
Issue 6

Getting Started in a Financially Secure


Getting Started


Started in a Financially Secure Retirement

The obstacles blocking a doctor's path to retirementare seemingly endless—debt, taxes, diminished compensation,etc. Now more than ever, planning aheadand fine-tuning a sharp saving strategy are crucial in achievingthe finish line of retirement. Unfortunately, advice onthese matters is often marred by sales pitches and gimmicks.Cutting through the haze of financial babble, Henry Hebeler,the retired former president of Boeing Aerospace, offers hisclear-cut advice in (Wiley; May 2007). In this book, Hebeler encourages his readers toreally think about what they want out of retirement and to develop their retirementplan accordingly. He furthermore points out that demographic and governmentaltrends are going to influence future retirement lifestyles, and savers shouldplan with these trends in mind. covers everything from planningwith realistic economic inputs to neglected subjects such as replacement budgeting,reverse-dollar cost averaging, and the need for resiliency when encounteringsurprise events. Hebeler takes the time to show readers how much they need tosave for retirement as well as how much to spend while in retirement. also includes helpful appendixes andcalculators to help determine your retirement goals, how to reach them, and howto preserve your capital once you have made it to that happy finish line.

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