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Physician's Money Digest, May 2007, Volume 14, Issue 5

0.0021%—Percentage of latepayments made by borrowers with acredit score of more than 720.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

2.32%—Percentage of latepayments made by borrowers witha credit score of less than 660.(BusinessWeek, 2006)

175—Number of touchdown ballsEmmitt Smith collected during his 15-year career with the Dallas Cowboys.(Fortune, 2007)

67%—Percentage of people whocould differentiate between a secureWeb site and an unsecure Web site.(Money, 2006)

2%—Percentage of students whoapply to more than 12 colleges.(Time, 2006)

150—Number of colleges of thenation's 3500 that turn down morethan half of their applicants.(Time, 2006)

5—Number of consecutive yearsthrough 2004 that income of thetypical household fell. (MonthlyReview, 2006)

$1.2 billion—Estimatedcost to employers in lost productivityduring the NCAA men's basketballtournament. (Business Week, 2007)

6%—Percentage of companiesplanning to "take steps" to preventworkers from going to tournamentWeb sites. (Business Week, 2007)

67%—Percentage of workerssaying they joined 2006 office pools,of whom 57% bet on March Madness.(Business Week, 2007)