Battling Burnout: Creating a Tranquil Office Setting

Physician's Money DigestJuly 2007
Volume 14
Issue 7

Imagine that you're in the middle of a chaotic day at work, and you are searching for a quiet sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. How wonderful would it be to enter your office, close the door, and instantly feel calm and serene? Here are some simple tips to transform even the most stressful office into your own private retreat.

  • Take 15 minutes to clear some clutter off your desk. Your soul instantly calms down when it's not bombarded by overflowing piles of papers and unread mail.
  • Hang inspiring artwork and images on the walls. How about pictures of your family, scenes of the ocean or mountains, your favorite quote, or artwork designed by your kids?
  • Hang a chenille blanket over the back of your chair, or wear a soft, cozy fleece while working at your computer. These soft fabrics will help your office feel homey.
  • Open the blinds and welcome the sunshine. If you don't have a window, buy a full-spectrum lamp or light bulbs so you can have natural light all year round.

Christi Lehner-Collins is a certified holistic health counselor based in Boston, Mass. She specializes in helping busy professionals all over the world practice stress-free healthy eating and guilt-free self-care. She welcomes questions or comments at christi@bostonhealth For more information and free resources, visit

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