Revive the Lost Art of Etiquette at Work

Physician's Money DigestJanuary 2007
Volume 14
Issue 1

In the professional world, manners matter, especially where the financial bottom line of your business is involved. Smart Supervision points out that workplace etiquette can have a positive effect on employees, reducing disruptive behavior and promoting a more productive environment. A study by Johns Hopkins University revealed that 70% of employees have considered quitting their jobs because of bad behavior in the workplace, while 63% felt less of a commitment to their employer as a result. A whopping 84% of respondents said that their personal productivity would increase if efforts were made by their employer to improve workplace courtesy, while 36% stated that their place of employment had no policy pertaining to professional conduct and contact. A lack of etiquette may have a negative effect not only on your practice staff but on your patients as well, who could respond to rude behavior by seeking another physician. If you find etiquette to be a problem, consider courtesy training for your employees and establish a clear policy for workplace behavior.

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