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Gold, the Other Hot Investment

Physician's Money Digest, November 2007, Volume 14, Issue 11

Gold is rising, getting close to $700 per ounce. But Jeffrey Christian, founder of renowned commodities analysis firm CPM Group, has predicted that gold will rise much higher, and hit all-time record levels this year.

Christian pointed out that in 1980, when gold hit $850, its average price for the year was $612 per ounce. The average for the first quarter of this year was $650.12. So it's easy to see how we could break the record in 2007.

I advise people to move at least 10% to 15% of their portfolio to gold, and the best way to invest in gold is in physical coins. There are many easy ways to get in, and US Gold Eagle $10 coins make a good foundation for any gold collection. James DiGeorgia is editor and publisher of the Gold and Energy Advisor Newsletter (www.goldandenergyadvisor.com) and the author of the popular books The New Bull Market in Gold and The Global War for Oil.