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What's been really important is for us to connect with the volunteers who've just returned from Haiti.

The Firefighters for Christ just got back and talking to them has been the most helpful, in that they were operating, as we will, as an independent clinic. They have shared with us how to get supplies from the WHO and UNICEF, as well as military protection from the 82nd Airborne. And those have been through connections, actually, from my karaoking; I karaoke quite often, and one of my friends there connected me with her brother, who is local firefighter that went with this group.

So, that’s been very helpful, since the two physician groups that we were talking to were mainly in the hospital, and now things are transitioning to have a much greater need in tent cities, where we intend to serve as an outpatient group.

What’s been really important is for us to connect with the volunteers who’ve just returned from Haiti. It’s been really helpful to talk to our fellow physicians who are serving as a 15-member surgical team, as well as a team from Stanford University Emergency Department with Bob Norris and Paul Auerbach—who were running the university hospital—and the Firefighters for Christ.

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