Chronic Pain Device Stimpod NMS460 Gets FDA Approval

The device provides hybrid pulsed radio frequency waveforms that create electromagnetic effects, offering immediate chronic intractable pain relief.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved chronic pain neuromodulation device Stimpod NMS460 for the market Tuesday, green-lighting a new non-invasive method to multiple forms of pain relief.

The device — designed to treat chronic intractable conditions such as post-surgical pain, post-traumatic acute pain, and rehabilitation-related pain control issues — provides hybrid pulsed radio frequency (PRF) waveforms that create electromagnetic effects. These effects create immediate chronic intractable pain relief, according to producing company Xavant Technology.

The NMS460 is the third model of the Stimpod device, with its predecessors serving as a specialized nerve locating device (NMS410) and as a monitor for neuromuscular blocking agents (NMS450).

The Stimpod NMS460 also implements nerve-locating technology, similar to the NMS410, which will allow it to gauge the treatment progress of nerve damage in patients.

Corlius Birkill, chief executive officer of Xavant Technology, praised the varied potential of the device in the US' widescope of healthcare.

"This groundbreaking technology has the ability to help tens if not hundreds of millions of people just in the U.S. as a valuable treatment asset for neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, physiatrists, and medical pain practitioners," Birkill said.

More than 100 million Americans have reported issues with pain, according to Xavant, with chronic pain issues costing patients up about $600 billion annually. The device could provide an alternative invasive and possibly addictive drug treatments.

Comapny Bell Medical has been selected as the master distributor of the Stimpod NMS460 in both US and Candian markets.

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