Composition-of-Matter Patent Issued for RA Drug


The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a composition-of-matter patent for the drug Synavive.

The biopharmaceutical company Zalicus has been issued a composition-of-matter patent by the US Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) for Synavive, a drug designated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The US patent is offering coverage for Synavive until the year 2025, and is numbered 7,915,265; according to Zalicus, the patent bears the title of “Combinations for the Treatment of Immunoinflammatory Disorders”.

Zalicus was reported to have said that this patent combined with an existing method-of-use patent, US patent 7,253,155, gives the Synavive patent estate a boost in the pharmaceutical world. This accompanied by several other patents and applications ensures that Synavive will maintain coverage until, at the earliest date, the year 2028.

Synavive has been confirmed to possess anti-inflammatory qualities for patients suffering from RA and hand/knee osteoarthritis. Clinical studies prove the onset of the drug to be swift, and it has tested to be at a sufficient level of safety.

Mark HN Corrigan, Zalicus president and CEO, reported that the two main patents issued for Synavive will supply the groundwork of a concrete and sustainable scholarly property estate for the drug. He reported that Zalicus also has a plan in action to begin a Phase 2b clinical trial of Synavive for RA later on this year.

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