Daniel Spratt, MD: Estrogen, Birth Control, and COVID-19 Clotting Risk


A practicing endocrinologist and professor of medicine offers insight into the potential for increase in risk of blood clots in certain groups of women if they were to contract COVID-19.

In this interview, Daniel Spratt, MD, an endocrinologist with Maine Medical Center and a professor of medicine at the Tufts University School of Medicine, offers insight from a recent article he co-authored with Rachel Buchsbaum, MD, published in Endocrinology, titled “COVID-19 and Hypercoagulability: Potential Impact on Management with Oral Contraceptives, Estrogen Therapy and Pregnancy”.

In the article, Spratt and fellow authors detail how the increased risk of blood clots associated with estrogen could be compounded with additional risk of clotting associated with COVID-19, if patients who were pregnant, receiving birth control pills, or receiving hormone replacement therapy were to contract the disease. The article also poses multiple questions that have yet to be answered by current research. These questions, in addition to others, are among other topics addressed within Spratt’s interview with Endocrinology Network.

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