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Digital Health Summit Fast Approaching

Tomorrow, CES will host the Digital Health Summit, featuring "consumer-based health and wellness innovations at the convergence of technology and healthcare."

Today was the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Running through Saturday, this event starts the year off by introducing new technology and capturing the attention of millions of techies.

This year, CES is hosting the Digital Health Summit, which will focus on “the booming market of consumer-based health and wellness innovations that sit at the convergence of technology and healthcare.” Featured topics will include telehealth systems, therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices, remote monitoring devices, PHRs, and medication monitoring equipment. The summit is designed to showcase new ways for consumers to take control of their health and well being.

Representatives will be showcasing technologies developed by organizations like PhiloMetron, Humana, Cisco Systems, Panasonic, and Qualcomm that can (and will) be instrumental in allowing health care professionals continue to provide a high standard of care to their patients. These reps and other thought-leaders will also focus on how an organization “can capitalize on this high-growth market.”

Featured thought-leaders include keynote speaker Colonel Ron Poropatich, MD, deputy director, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command; Brian Bischoff, president and CEO of Healthsense; Brian Dolan, co-founder and editor of MobiHealthNews; Dr. L. Miguel Encarnacão, director of emerging technology innovation at Humana; and C. Martin Harris, MD, MBA, CIO at the Cleveland Clinic.

If you are interested in what’s going on during the one-day event, log onto Twitter and follow @dhsummit. And be sure to keep up with all things CES on our continuous live stream.