Endocrine Case Report: Groin Pain


Our latest endocrine case report from Brady Pregerson, MD, features a man in his mid-60s presenting to the emergency department for 6 months of hip and groin pain. Can you determine the correct diagnosis?

History of Present Illness:

A man in his mid-60’s with a history of DM and tobacco use presents to the ED for 6 months of right hip and groin pain that initially bothered him only with activity but is now keeping him up at night. He did injure it slightly about 6 months prior when stepping off a curb awkwardly but doesn’t know why it still hurts and is getting worse if it has anything to do with that. He denies any fever, abdominal pain, or other complaints. His doctor is trying to get a spine MRI approved, but the pain has become so bad recently that he cannot even sleep properly.

Vital Signs & Physical Exam:

Vital signs are normal. A physical exam is otherwise normal except for limping during ambulation.

X-ray of a hip

What is the most likely diagnosis?

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