Paul Feuerstadt, MD: Administering RBX2660 With a Colonoscopy

RBX2660 can be administered through a colonoscopy or rectally.

It might one day be standard to administer RBX2660 for recurrent Clostridioides difficile infections (CDI) through a colonoscopy instead of administering the treatment rectally.

In data presented during the 2023 Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in Chicago, Paul Feuerstadt, MD, FACG, AGAF, Yale University School of Medicine, found that colonoscopies were a very efficacious and safe way to administer the treatment.

In an interview with HCPLive®, Feuerstadt said while the results were positive, it is not currently known whether either administration method would be preferred.

“Would one method be theoretically better than the other,” Feuerstadt said. “I can’t answer that question because we don’t know, we don’t have data for that.”

The analysis showed there was high efficacy levels, but it was just 10 patients. However, it is something that can be studied in the future.

Feuerstadt also said he’d like to see some other research in learning the risk factors for recurrence in C difficile infections, mainly patients in nursing homes and patients being treated with proton pump inhibitors.

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