Five Vaccination-focused Online CME Courses


Improve your knowledge of vaccinations with these CME activities, which cover issues such as cocooning, business practices, and evidence-based decision making.

Improve your knowledge of vaccinations and immunizations with these online CME activities, which cover issues such as vaccination protocols, cocooning, and evidence-based decision making.

A 2010 Clinician’s Guide to Influenza & Vaccination ProtocolsCredits: 1.00

Fee: None

Expires: March 31, 2013

Multimedia: Audio/Slides

In this activity, Lorry Glen Rubin, MD, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Schneider Children’s Hospital of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, will provide answers to fundamental questions about novel H1N1, information regarding the importance of both seasonal and novel influenza vaccination, vaccine recommendations for healthcare workers beyond influenza, and a brief overview of the Statewide Immunization Registry.

Cocooning: Targeted Immunization to Prevent Severe and Fatal Pertussis in InfantsCredits: 1.00

Fee: $25.00

Expires: March 1, 2013

Multimedia: Audio/Video

Listen as C. Mary Healy, MD, of Texas Children’s Hospital, describes the epidemiology and disease burden of pertussis; explains the rationale behind cocooning, the targeted immunization strategy recommended by the CDC to prevent pertussis; discusses educational and implementation strategies necessary to establish pertussis cocooning in hospital settings; and identifies barriers to cocooning, as well as ways in which they can be overcome.

Immunizations: Best Business PracticesCredits: 1.00

Fee: $20 for AAP Members ($24 for non-members)

Expires: June 25, 2012

Multimedia: None

This course provides useful information on the administration, purchasing, overhead, storage, and coding of child immunizations. Designed specifically for pediatricians, the activity reviews cost-conscious ways to order and purchase vaccines, the proper action to take when a refrigerator is out of temperature range to prevent vaccines from spoiling, and how to discuss with parents or caretakers the rationale for informed consent and the technical aspects involved in administering a vaccine to a two-month-old infant.

Preventing Influenza in School-aged Children: Evidence-based Decision Making on Universal VaccinationCredits: 1.50

Fee: None

Expires: March 31, 2012

Multimedia: Audio/Video

In this archived webcast of a symposium held during the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases’ 6th World Congress, Edwin J. Asturias, MD, of Johns Hopkins University and colleagues discuss the burden of influenza on individuals. Listen as the presenters identify goals and strategies for vaccination policies in response to anticipated influenza outbreaks, and discuss the importance of vaccinating school aged children to minimize the impact of influenza and decrease the risk for potential epidemics.

Vaccines for TravelersCredits: 1.00

Fee: None

Expires: February 12, 2010

Multimedia: Audio/Video

In this archived Pediatric Grand Rounds webcast, Allison Messina, MD, of University of South Florida College of Medicine, discusses the vaccines available for international travel; identifies basic malaria prophylaxis; and evaluates travel medical assessment and counseling.

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