Gadget Watch

ONCNG Oncology, March 2010, Volume 11, Issue 3

Three hot gadgets for Oncologists.

HP EliteBook 2740p

PC users, is the impending April 3 iPad release giving you tablet envy? Well, rest assured: Coinciding with the iPad’s arrival, Hewlett-Packard (HP) expects to release the HP EliteBook 2740p, an ultra-thin, multi-touch—enabled, convertible tablet optimum for business and healthcare professionals on the go. The EliteBook 2740p (starting at $1599) combines the full functional capability of an HP notebook PC with the unrestrained flexibility of a tablet. The hybrid device easily transforms from a notebook to a tablet through the simple manipulation of a convertible hinge. Starting at 3.8 pounds, the 2-in-1 EliteBook 2740p is easily transported, allowing you to remain productive in any situation. It comes standard with a 12.1-inch diagonal LED display, with the option to purchase a screen that enhances viewing in natural light. Users can operate the tablet with an included stylus or the touch screen, which allows swift navigation via simple finger taps and screen swipes. The device comes loaded with HP software, including HP QuickWeb, which enables Web access when the computer is shut down, and a trial version of HP SkyRoom, which allows high-

definition videoconferencing. An HP 2740 Ultra-Slim Expansion Base (starting at $299) can be purchased to dock the PC for use with peripherals.


Tired of always relying on a crowded, distraction-filled Starbucks as your WiFi hotspot? Using the mobile network, Connect

One’s Wi-REACHTM allows you to create your own personal hotspot wherever and whenever you want. Wi-REACHTM, which retails for $99, is ideal for healthcare professionals who frequently travel. The small, plastic device resembles a battery charger and allows you to use your existing 3G USB dongle (a mobile broadband modem that provides Internet access via 3G signaling). The

dongle easily connects and slips inside the top of the Wi-REACHTM. You can also purchase a model that comes with an embedded 3G dongle. Once you are set up, the push of a button connects your WiFi-enabled device to Wi-REACHTM via WiFi, and then to the Internet through the mobile network. It requires no installation or client software and the wireless links are secure. Each Wi-REACHTM allows you to simultaneously use up to 10 devices through password-protected connections. The standalone Wi-REACHTM runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts several hours.

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is a handheld mini keyboard that allows multimedia wireless control in any working environment. Oncologists and other healthcare professionals may find the Rii Mini useful for conferences, presentations, and lecturing. The device has a full QWERTY keyboard with 69 keys, an integrated touchpad that works horizontally and vertically, and a laser pointer. The portable unit measures 151 mm x 59 mm x 13 mm, weighs 103 g, can operate from a 30-meter range, and connects to the device of your choice via a 2.4-GHz USB receiver. Twenty-six bright LED lights backlight the Rii Mini for use in darker environments. Its built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery should last for 1 month. The Rii Mini also facilitates PC multimedia entertainment, as home theater PC users can relax on their couch and use the Rii Mini as easily as their TV remote control. The device retails for $92 and comes with a USB receiver and USB cable. For additional product analysis, be sure to check out the 7.5-minute YouTube video review of the Rii Mini.