Health Care to Be Considered by the Supreme Court?


Many are calling for a ruling from the Supreme Court concerning President Obama's 2010 health care overhaul by June 2012.

The Supreme Court begins its new term today, but already the nine justices who serve the high court have their plates full, as many are calling for a ruling concerning President Obama’s 2010 health care overhaul by June 2012, when campaigning for the presidency of the United States will be in full swing.

The health care reform has been widely controversial, and as it affects nearly everyone in America, many citizens and government officials alike, including the Obama administration, is requesting that the Supreme Court make it a priority to resolve whether or not the health care law is constitutional.

Health Care Looms over Supreme Court's New Term [CBS News]

It is quite clear that, should the Supreme Court take up the case, the results of the proceedings could significantly impact the next presidential election.

The potential health care reform has already been talked over extensively in the media. If the Supreme Court finds it constitutional, the law will provide 30 million people currently without insurance coverage.

Hot Topics before High Court [Wall Street Journal]

Beginning the Supreme Court’s new term with such a landmark case would certainly start things off with a bang; there are several other high-profile cases, however, which could possibly take precedence over the health care law, such as cases concerning immigration, affirmative action, and gay marriage.

The Supreme Court will decide whether or not to delegate over the health care law in roughly one month.

Fight over Health Care Law Heads toward Supreme Court [Los Angeles Times]

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