Highlighted Psoriatic Arthritis Sessions at ACR 2020


Elaine Husni, MD, MPH: There's a couple of great scientific forums that are ongoing. Like any ACR meeting, or there's always so many competing events, because there's so many new drugs and different things that you want to do and see. But there is a PSA treatment kind of focus and I'm moderating and we have three sessions in that that I would love to highlight. We are looking more at patient reported outcomes, which is awesome. We're having the patient's viewpoint be part of the decision making. So, we have a talk on that we have a talk on co management, which is what I just talked about with a dermatologist. So that's really exciting.

Then we also have the newest data, the head-to-head trials that we're really trying to wrap our heads around their interpretation. How do we use these with all the traditional, phase 3 clinical, placebo-controlled trials as well? All of this is good data. I think the question is, 'How does it pertain to my patient that I'm seeing in my office in front of me next week?' I think the more information we get, and the more we're able to have these dialogues during these ACR meetings, is really going to give us the tools to feel confident with.

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