How Walmart and Novo Nordisk's Insulin Initiative Impacts Insulin Affordability, With Diana Isaacs, PharmD, and Lucia Novak, CRNP


The cost and how to improve the affordability of insulin have been the subject of debate long before the celebration of the 100-year anniversary of its discovery began in 2021. While some have struggled to be optimistic, a new development involving a major corporate entity could signal a paradigm shift in the uphill battle.

In late June 2021, Walmart announced it would be partnering with Novo Nordisk to launch the first-ever private brand analog insulin. Marketed under the private label ReliOn NovoLog Insulin, a press release from Walmart states the insulin aspart injection could help patients save 58-75% off the cash price of branded insulin products. With availability expected in Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies by mid-July, the insulin will be available in both vials and pens.

How this development could impact patients and clinicians is the subject of the first of 3 video segments in Endocrinology Network’s “Insulin for All? How Recent Developments Impact Insulin Affordability”.

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