Humor Is the Best Medicine


Put some therapeutic comedy into your daily routine with these medical humor highlights from around the web.

In Hippocrates’ time, humor referred to bodily fluid that corresponded to 1 of the traditional 4 human temperaments. Now the New Age humor-laughter-is widely recognized as a highly effective therapeutic intervention.Check out this slide show for humor highlights from around the web and put comedy into your routine with medicine that’s good for patients and physicians alike.Sources1. It Must Be Right, It’s in the Chart2. Newfangled Dietary Guidelines3. Five Signs an HMO Is Cutting Costs4. An Rx for More Cuts5. Patients’ Take on Modern Medicine6. Wanted: Experienced Translator7. On Blood Pressure’s Many Ups and Downs8. Playing the Hand You’re Dealt9. More Chart Bloopers: Revisionist Histories10. You Do the Math[Editor’s note: This slide show originally appeared on our partner site, Patient Care Online.]

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