India Official Warns of Dire COVID-19 Situation


Nearly a third of the US population has been fully vaccinated.

This article was originally published in ContagionLive.

Officials in India are concerned the lack of vaccines to combat COVID-19 might last for the better part of 2021, amidst a devastating second wave of infections.

Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of India’s Serum Institute, stated on Sunday during an interview that a vaccine shortage in the country may last for months because the Indian government did not properly plan for the second wave of infections.

A group of scientific advisors warned the government in early March of a potential second wave due to a more transmissible variant that was spreading, but authorities did not take the necessary precautions.

In Australia, the government expanded vaccine eligibility on Monday to those aged 50 years and older.

The inoculation efforts were slowed due to concerns about a risk of blood clots with the AstraZeneca shot, which the country was mostly relying on.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously stated that he wants 4 million people vaccinated by the end of March, but officials have now clarified that he meant 4 million doses administered.

In Nepal, officials have halted all domestic and international flights over worries about a growing wave of COVID-19. Infections have been rapidly growing, with a 7-day average of more than 4,500 cases.

On Sunday, the country reported 7,211 cases, and health experts have blamed the wave on migrant workers flowing from India.


275.34 million

19.13 per 100

United States

245.59 million

73.43 per 100


154.21 million

11.17 per 100

United Kingdom

49.83 million

73.41 per 100


43.17 million

20.31 per 100


30.15 million

35.98 per 100


23.01 million

27.28 per 100


22.28 million

32.7 per 100


20.17 million

7.38 per 100


20.07 million

13.75 per 100

Data Table per Our World in Data (May 2, 2021, 12 AM EST)

In the United States, nearly a third of Americans have been fully vaccinated, as cases continue to fall. On Sunday, the US reported 29,000 new COVID-19 cases, the lowest since early September.



78.92 per 100



66.23 per 100

New York


82.14 per 100



72.19 per 100



80.43 per 100



76.09 per 100



72.97 per 100

New Jersey


83.65 per 100



72.91 per 100

North Carolina


68.34 per 100

Data Table per CDC COVID-19 Tracker (May 2, 2021, 6 AM EST)

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