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Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH: AI Challenges During COVID-19

An expert discusses barriers of implementing AI during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH

Amid the use of artificial intelligence (AI) during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, challenges have presented.

For one, there are safety and privacy concerns, especially when it comes to contact tracing. Individuals in the US are not necessarily prepared to have their privacy impeded on if they needed to develop a mobile application to be tracked.

But other challenges exist.

In a recent interview with HCPLive®, Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH, chief executive officer of Medial EarlySign, said physician pushback is a big challenge.

“Physicians by nature… are conservative,” Orr said. “They have to understand that something works before they bring it into their practice.”

AI is in the middle of an adoption curve, but physicians understand the amount of data out there currently and know AI could help practices become better.

Many also live with the fear that AI could replace them. There is a generational difference, but Orr said AI could simply improve the work of physicians.

To hear more from Orr and the barriers that exist, watch the full clip below.