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Amid the ever-changing endocrinology landscape stands the constant of the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting and Expo.

Amid the ever-changing endocrinology landscape stands the constant of the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting and Expo. The 92nd edition continues the tradition of events past, covering clinical practice guidelines, case management forums, diabetes and thyroid clinics, and hosting a job fair and career development workshops. This year also marks the anniversaries of the National Insititute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (60th) and the Endocrine Nurses Society (20th), both of which will be honored in special sessions. New to Endo 2010 is ENDO Trivia Cup, an interactive team and individual competitions that will "test your aptitude in endocrine trivia." is pleased to detail these events and more, all of the critical issues effecting you and your patients in endocrinology, through our Conference 360 coverage of ENDO 2010, from June 19-22. More than 7,500 professionals with be in attendance and we'll be in the thick of it, discussing with them the latest innovations in research, technology, and practice management issues. Look for up-to-the-minute updates on our twitter feed and ENDO 2010's Conference 360 page.

This page offers links to information about the session topics scheduled for coverage at ENDO 2010, including plenary sessions, keynote addresses, the New Technology Workshop, and the satellite meetings. We’ve also included links to the complete conference brochure, accreditation information, travel news, and exhibitors and exhibit hall information.

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Other key information:

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ENDO 2010 Highlights include:

Saturday, June 19


Presidential Plenary Addresses

The Impact of NIDDK Support on Endocrine Research

Griffin P. Rodgers, MD, NIDDK/NIH

Beta Cell Replacement for Diabetes: Fact & Fancy

R. Paul Robertson, MD, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute/University of Washington

Autoimmunity in Diabetes

George S. Eisenbarth, MD, PhD, University of Colorado-Denver


Adipocyte Biology

Chair: Gokhan S Hotamisligil, Harvard School of Public Health

Brown Fat Differentiation

Patrick Seale, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Functional Brown Adipose Tissue in Humans

Sven Enerback, Goteborg University

Signals Regulating Adipogenesis

Ormond A MacDougald, University of Michigan

Career Development Workshops


Setting up a Lab


Setting up a Clinical Practice


Expanding Roles of Calcium-sensing Receptors

Chair: Wenhan Chang, University of California-San Francisco

The Role of CaR in Bone & Cartilage

Dolores M. Shoback, University of California-San Francisco/VA Medical Center

Calcium-Sensing Receptor: Regulation of Expression & Activity

Geoffrey N. Hendy, McGill University Health Center

CaR as a Therapeutic Target

Edward F. Nemeth, MetisMedica

Sunday, June 20


Roy O. Greep Award Lecture

Function & Dysfunction of the Mammalian Reproductive Tract

Martin M. Matzuk, MD, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

Development of External Genitalia: New Insights Derived from the Spotted Hyena & the Mouse

Gerald R. Cunha, PhD, University of California-San Francisco


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Pituitary Incidentalomas: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline

• Moderator: Ken Ho, Garvan Institute

• Task Force Chair: Pamela Freda, Columbia University

• Task Force Member Panelists: Laurence Katznelson, Stanford University; Mark Molitch, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University; Kalmon D Post, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Mary Lee Vance, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center


Trainee Conversations with Plenary Speakers

• Sundeep Khosla, MD, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

• Theresa Ann Guise, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine

• Martin M. Matzuk, MD, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine


The Year in Cycles

Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, University of California-Irvine


The Year in Female Reproduction

Janet E. Hall, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Monday, June 21


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Current Clinical Issues Session 9: Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Moderator: Richard J Auchus, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Task Force Chair: Phyllis Speiser, Schneider Children’s Hospital

Task Force Member Panelists: Ricardo Azziz, Cedars Sinai Medical Center; Walter Miller, University of California-San Francisco; Sharon E. Oberfield, Columbia University Medical Center; Perrin C. White, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Endocrine Debates

Does Long-term Treatment with Bisphosphonates Cause Fractures?

Yes: Joseph M. Lane, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery

No: Juliet Elizabeth Compston, MD, FRCP, University of Cambridge


PCOS: Where Do We Begin?

Chair: John C. Marshall, University of Virginia Health System

Physiologic Changes in Adolescent PCOS

Christopher R. McCartney, University of Virginia Health System

Etiology of Adolescent PCOS: Role of Obesity

Enrico Carmina, University of Palermo

Adolescent PCOS: Can We Prevent an Epidemic?

Kathleen M. Hoeger, University of Rochester


Give Me a Break! Skeletal Complications of Medications

Chair: Larry J. Suva, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

SSRIs: Lifting Your Mood & Depressing Your Bones

Matthew M. Bliziotes, Oregon Health Sciences University

PPIs: “Breaking” News about Heartburn

Karl L. Insogna, Yale University School of Medicine

Glucocorticoids: “These are Your Bones on Steroids”

Juliet E. Compston, University of Cambridge

Tuesday, June 22

8:00AM — 9:15AM

Plenary Sessions

Steroid Hormones, Receptors, & Coregulators in Cancer

Myles Brown, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute

Overcome Resistance to Anti-androgen Therapy

Charles Sawyers, MD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

1:00PM — 1:45PM

New Technology Workshop

Deep Sequencing

Richard M. Myers, Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotech


Clark T. Sawin Memorial Lecture

Fuller Albright

D. Lynn Loriaux, MD, PhD, Oregon Health Sciences University


The Year in Thyroid

Jerome M. Hershman, MD, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System


Mind over Mother: The Brain-Ovary Connection

Chair: Janet E Hall, Massachusetts General Hospital

Seizures & Reproductive Dysfunction

Andrew G. Herzog, Harvard Medical School

Psychiatric Disorders & Reproductive Dysfunction

Natalie Rasgon, Stanford University

Are Sex Steroid Hormones Depressing?

Peter J. Schmidt, NIH/NIMH

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