Lung Cancer Screening: Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs with Dr. James Mulshine


In recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, this episode featuring Dr. James Mulshine at Rush University explains the ins and outs of the improved 2021 lung cancer screening guidelines.

Episode highlights

0:16 The Story of Sir Richard Doll
3:57 The status of US lung cancer screening
5:38 Quantitative imaging for cancer
12:58 Pivotal low-dose CT scan trials
16:20 The slow adoption of low-dose CT scans
22:26 Adopting screening guidance
26:36 Opportunities to detect non-cancer diseases
31:09 Translating diagnostic findings to actual care
33:12 Final thoughts
34:52 Outro

This November 2021 episode of Lungcast commemorates Lung Cancer Awareness Month with as apt a conversation topic one could have on the subject: improving lung cancer screening.

James Mulshine, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine and Associate Director at the Institute of Translation Medicine at Rush University, joins Lungcast to discuss a bevy of lung cancer screening topics, including low-dose CT scans, quantitative imaging, artificial intelligence, age-eligibility, and national guidance on priority.

Lungcast is a monthly respiratory health podcast series from the American Lung Association (ALA) produced by HCPLive.

ALA Chief Medical Officer Al Rizzo, MD, talks with Mulshine on the matters of better implementing pivotal, supporting low-dose CT scan data into actual clinical practice, and what the benefits of a better aware patient population may mean for opportune lung cancer prevention in the US.

Rizzo also highlights the seminal work of British epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll, a pivotal investigator into the clinical links between smoking, cessation, lung and heart disease, and death.Subscribe or listen to Lungcast on your favorite platforms:

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