Manisha Madhoo, MD: What is Mydayis?

In response to patient concerns about dosing options and duration of effect, researchers at Shire Pharmaceuticals created Mydayis for the treatment of ADHD symptoms.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved Mydayis for the treatment of ADHD on June 20, 2017. Manisha Madhoo, MD, discusses the benefits of the new medication.

Manisha Madhoo, MD

Mydayis is a treatment for ADHD. It is indicated in 13 years plus patient population who suffer from ADHD. It is a triple bead mixed amphetamine salt, whereby the first bead is immediate release, and the 2 beads are released at a certain time with the pHs, where one of them is extended release, and the second bead is a second extended release.

We've noted that there's so many patients who take an extended release, either first thing in the morning, followed by 8 hours later an immediate release, or sometimes it's also vice versa where they're taking more than one medication for their management of ADHD.

For Mydayis, specifically, we studied a 25 milligram mixed amphetamine salt, plus a 12 milligram mixed amphetamine salt followed by 8 hours later, to show you that Mydayis is a once daily treatment that can really be allowed to be used up to 16 hours without having to take the two dosing options at different times per day.