Markus Boos, MD, PhD: How Do Climate Change, Air Pollution Affect Atopic Dermatitis?


A discussion with Dr. Boos on the topic of climate change and airborne pollution exposure leading to or exacerbating atopic dermatitis.

In an interview with HCPLive, a discussion was held regarding atopic dermatitis (AD) and its connection to climate change, a topic slated for the Research Symposium on November 2 by Global Parents for Eczema Research.

Markus Boos, MD, PhD, an attending pediatric dermatologist for Seattle Children's Hospital and Associate Professor for the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, spoke on topics addressed in the symposium.

“I think it's important for us to remember that our skin is not just some inert object that protects us."

"There's a dynamic interplay between our environment and the skin as well, and that shows up when we have the small particulate pollution, all those sort of byproducts of fossil fuel combustion, and then that influences our skin. So I think just that sort of reckoning and understanding in the healthcare field is one part of it.”

Boos went on to explain that climate conditions in different areas can have a profound impact on AD conditions, especially on children who have been exposed to small particulate air pollution and oxidative stress.

“In Seattle, where I live, we had about 3 weeks straight of really poor air conditions because of wildfires in the area and patients are coming in with flares for atopic dermatitis."

"And that's a real, you know, teachable opportunity for us to say like this that what you're seeing is directly related to this other thing that's going on, and that is making you miserable in lots of different ways,” he said. “You can't go outside to play, and you're worried about your kids' health, but it's affecting the skin too.”

Boos added that he feels dermatologists should get the word out to AD patients regarding environmental contributors to their condition, citing the varying needs and disparities of different backgrounds.

For more on the upcoming Global Parents for Eczema Research symposium, view the interview above.

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