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Cardiologists will find that these online resources will be beneficial for themselves and their patients.


CardiologyChannel’s Angina Overview

Patients suffering from angina can utilize this site not only for information about the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for angina, but also as a resource to share that information via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition to risk factors, symptoms, and causes of angina, this site also discusses long-term angina therapy and lifestyle changes that may reduce or prevent symptoms. The site includes an angina forum, where patients suffering from the condition can share stories and treatment ideas, as well as a general overview of questions to ask a physician about angina.


High-sensitivity C-reactive Protein and Plaque Composition in Patients with Stable Angina Pectoris: A Virtual Histology Intravascular Ultrasound Study

This abstract of a journal article that appeared in the October 2009 edition of Coronary Artery Disease discusses the use of virtual histology intravascular ultrasound “to evaluate the relationship between serum hs-CRP level and coronary plaque composition in patients with stable angina pectoris.” The results of the study showed that “elevated hs-CRP was related to the amount of necrotic core in the culprit lesion of stable angina pectoris,” which led the researchers to conclude that “elevated hs-CRP might reflect the inflammatory activity of the coronary atherosclerotic plaque even in the setting of stable angina pectoris.”


An Open-label, Multi-center Study Evaluating the Validity, Reliability, and Responsiveness of a New Female-specific Angina Questionnaire in Women With Chronic Angina Treated With Ranolazine Extended-release Tablets

Study Type: Interventional

Age/Gender Requirements: 18 years+ (female)

Sponsor: CV Therapeutics

Purpose: To “evaluate the validity, reliability, and responsiveness of a newly developed Female-specific Angina Questionnaire (FAQ) based on changes in angina symptomatology in a female angina population treated with ranolazine.”

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