Onsolis for Breakthrough Cancer Pain: Resources


These resources for physicians describe Onsolis indications, administration, possible side effects, and efficacy.

Onsolis (Fentanyl Buccal Soluble Film)

Medical Websites

Onsolis Full Prescribing InformationThis all-inclusive guideline discusses indications, clinical trial data about Onsolis, dosage, and administration. The thorough information about warnings, side effects, and precautions covers the possibility for the abuse of Onsolis, problems that arose in specific organ systems while patients were taking the drug, and contraindications. The end of the guideline features simply written information about Onsolis that physicians can download and provide to patients.


Formulation of Fentanyl for the Management of PainJournal: Drugs (January 2010)

Authors: Grape S, Schug SA, Lauer S, et al.

Purpose: To evaluate the formulations of Fentanyl and its indications and efficacy for treating pain.

Results: “While oral administration is not an option due to a high first-pass metabolism, its high potency and lipophilicity have made a number of new routes of administration feasible. The transdermal therapeutic system offers an excellent option for long-term treatment of cancer and chronic pain, achieving stable plasma concentrations over the treatment period.”

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