Optimal Management of Lupus Nephritis


Expert rheumatologists discuss current treatment options for lupus nephritis and emerging therapies with newer mechanisms of action.

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0:00 Introduction

1:25 LN and its prognosis

3:20 Challenges due to varied presentations of LN

4:10 Traditional treatment paradigms

6:45 Challenges with management of LN

8:25 Classification of LN and its role in treatment

12:00 New treatments in LN

17:50 Anti-CD20 for treatment of LN

21:00 Combination therapy in clinical practice

22:45 Multidisciplinary care for LN

23:50 Guidelines in LN

26:00 Kidney biopsy in LN

27:15 Biomarkers for LN

28:30 Clinical outcomes in LN

31:30 JAK inhibitors in lupus and LN

34:00 Final thoughts

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