The Educated Patient: Total Knee Replacement


For patients that might have to undergo total knee replacement, this site is a good resource on what to expect and offers detailed information on which patients are candidates for the surgery and why. The article offers diagrams on knee anatomy, describes the benefits of TKR surgery, and describes who the common patients are: patients age 60 to 80, with strong levels of pain and disability. It goes onto explain what transpires during an orthopedic evaluation, including the physical examination, X-rays, and some blood tests or MRI. In the “Realistic Expectations About Knee Replacement Surgery” section of the page, the site advises what recovery time may look like and which activities should be avoided. The preparing for surgery section of the page offers tips on what may be expected such as the need to prepare the skin and leg, disclosure of medications, urinary evaluations, dental evaluations, and the need for home or social planning, etc. Additionally, there is info on what a stay at the hospital will entail and what to expect when returning home.

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