Peter Toth, MD: Innovative Approaches to Lipid Management

Peter Toth, MD, discusses the movement towards new agents in treatment of lipid management.

In an interview with HCPLive, Peter Toth, MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology, CGH Medical Center, spoke on the trends in lipid management and what he considers priorities in research.

Toth presented "Emerging Therapies in Lipid Management" at the 2021 American Society for Preventive Cardiology Virtual Summit on CVD Prevention.

"I'll be talking about innovative approaches to pharmacologically modulating serum levels of atherogenic level protein," Toth said. "My talk focuses in on reducing LDL, reducing remnants as well as lipoprotein little (a)."

He noted trends in finding ways to both safely and effectively reduce LDL cholesterol (LDL-C).

"I think you're gonna see a progressive movement toward finding specific means by which to also reduce serum concentrations of remnant lipoproteins," Toth said. "And I think, third, there's definitely considerable movement toward finding ways to effectively and safely reduce lipoprotein, and then fourth, research on HDL is definitely not dead."

He mentioned the agents discussed included bempedoic acid, PCSK9 inhibitors, natural alternatives to PCSK9is, evinacumab, and others.

"We find that a drug like bempedoic acid can actually reduce LDL somewhere between 18 and 25%, which is pretty darn good," Toth said. "And you can use it in combination with ezetimibe or statin. So it's very versatile and it gives you additive LDL reduction with other drugs."

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