The Physician Burnout Crisis: A System Fractured From COVID-19


Our 5 experts return to examine the far-reaching repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on the physician burnout crisis.

Episode Highlights

0:00 - Introduction

0:20 - Onset of COVID-19 Pandemic

0:53 - Frontline Workers

3:17 - “A Bizarre Time”

7:40 - The Outside/Inside Worlds

9:18 - Nurse Shortage

11:22 - The Great Resignation

14:40 - Politicization

15:47 - Rock Bottom

18:05 - End of Part Two

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, physicians heeded the call. They were willing to forgo the risk posed to themselves in order to save the lives of others, as the pandemic continued to rage on far beyond what was expected.

But, over time, the stresses that physicians and other healthcare professionals were facing began to fracture the health system that they had thought would protect them.

In our second episode, we continue the discussion of physician burnout and its lingering ramifications throughout the past 3 years. As we learned in the previous episode, burnout was not a new challenge, but a storm brewing with the pandemic becoming its perfect catalyst.

Our 5 experts returned to scrutinize the long-reaching influence of COVID–19 and its exacerbations on the growing wildfire of burnout. Some of the specific topics discussed in this episode included the daily struggles in the intensive care unit and challenges with personal protective equipment, as well as the consequences of “The Great Resignation” and public health messaging.

HCPLive® Crisis Point is an in-depth mini-docuseries. The series takes a comprehensive look into different public health crises in the United States, with worldwide implications.

Our 5 experts share their struggles and observations on burnout with honesty and candor within in-depth interviews, focusing in this episode on the larger effects of COVID-19 and the fractures it created within the healthcare industry.

  • Jonathan FIsher, MD, Ending Physician Burnout Global Community and Summits
  • Thea Gallagher, PsyD, NYU Langone Psychiatry Associates
  • Lakshmana Swamy, MD, MBA, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Lisolette Dyrbye, MD, Mayo Clinic
  • Bridget Duffy, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Vocera

Crisis Point will return next week in an attempt to answer the big questions surrounding physician burnout.

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