Plavix to Follow Lipitor as a Generic Blockbuster

Plavix will soon follow Lipitor and go off patent, opening the door for a generic alternative for cardiovascular disease and stroke patients.

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You may recall the recent post on the upcoming effects of Lipitor losing its patent next year. Plavix, the #3 selling drug in the US in 2009 is set to follow not too far behind. The patent expires sometime in 2011, and should be available as a generic in 2012. This is more great news for US cardiovascular disease patients, as the monthly cost of Plavix is >$170. / month retail, and is a critically important drug to many patients with coronary artery stents and TIA or stroke.

Bristol-Myers Squibb had annual sales of over $4 billion in 2009, and this should go down dramatically after a generic is available. Unlike some of the other top-grossing drugs like #2 Nexium, there is not really a good generic alternative to Plavix. This makes many patients essentially hostage to taking this drug. Despite its unique niche, Plavix remains expensive not just to the healthcare system as a whole (ie, its real cost), but to individual insured patients, because it is usually at a high tier of copay on most insurance plans.

Plavix has a new competitor on the block: Effient has come to market in the last year, and it holds some promise as useful in some patients where Plavix cannot be used, but is unlikely to hold a big market share after Plavix loses its patent.

Again, let’s cheer the savings coming up soon as yet one more blockbuster goes generic.

Ed Pullen, MD, is a board-certified family physician practicing in Puyallup, WA. He blogs at — A Medical Bog for the Informed Patient.